Active Vacation

FREE CLIMBING (GAJINA PEĆINA) - 4 km away from us there are free climbing trails above the river Korana canyon.

CYCLING TRACKS - The entire area of Plitvice is extremely attractive for cycling because of the beautiful landscape and forest expanses. Slightly bottom you can find links for cycling maps and routes.

PAINTBALL, MILITARY DRILL, QUAD ADVENTURE - experience unique adventure in nature.

RANCH „JELOV KLANAC“ - Intact nature along the edge of the NP Plitvice Lakes and the beauties of Gacka and Lika river valleys, Krbava field, Velebit Nature Park and National park North Velebit will give all nature admirers and horse friends an experience they will never forget.

THE MRSINJ TOWN – in the immediate vicinity of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, bordering the Karst valley of Korenica, is situated Mrsinj. The Mrsinj Town Trail starts at the entrance into the town of Korenica, if you are coming from the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The first mark is located on the Lika Highway. The trail continues down the Ban Derenčin Street, then as it passes the last houses in the village, it goes through a meadow and then rises slowly through the woods and small meadows up to the peak. The trail is gradual in climb, and then gets steep in the last miles. After an hour and twenty minutes of slow walk, you reach the peak of the Mrsinj Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the town of Korenica, whole valley of Korenica and Lička Plješivica Mountain with its highest point named Gola Plješivica (1646 meters high).

MEDVJEĐAK - Visitors of beautiful Plitvice Lakes will have the opportunity to visit one of the most attractive locations, which offers a wonderful view of the lakes and entire area between the mountain of Mala Kapela and mountain of Plješivica, called MEDVJEĐAK. This 8 kilometres long wooded mountain range is the northwest extension of the mountain of Plješivica. Medvjeđak has three peaks: Oštri Medvjeđak (889 m), Tupi Medvjeđak (868 m) and Turčić (801 m).

RAFTING KORANA - It is a voyage on river Korana, in professional rafts for 6-8 persons, through a multitude of wild and untamed rapids and rocky barriers which will come to feel the adrenaline and excitement of this sport. Sailing exclusively by inaccessible part of the river Korana what makes this trip even more extreme and unforgettable adventure. In this part of the river there is over thirty waterfalls of which are all cross by boat.